The Journey of a Lifetime

Called is the heart-breaking, humorous, and refreshingly honest account of one twenty-something's adventure of learning what it means to be called--an adventure that took him to England, C. S. Lewis's house, and back again--and why it was only in the reality of his worst nightmare that he learned what it means to be called by the living God.

Through a series of personal anecdotes, illuminating conversations, and candid reflections, Called will encourage readers to realize God has entered into our story, calling out anew each day with the words, ''Follow me,'' leaving you to ask, Will I be obedient to the calling set before me?


Called is a book about Calling, C. S. Lewis, &  Finding Jesus

Pursuing a Calling

What would it be like to leave home, career, and community to pursue a calling? Would it be as incredible as you've imagined? As scary as you fear? Called is an honest account of the inevitable peaks and valleys of pursuing a calling.


Called Today

C. S. Lewis & Oxford

Inspired by C. S. Lewis's writing, and filled with Lewis quotes and stories from those who knew and loved him, Called is set in historic Oxford, England, and the Kilns:
C. S. Lewis's home for
most of his adult life.



Christian Calling

What does it mean for a Christian to be called? Does it mean following your dreams? Using your God-given talents? Simply doing the work before you? Or something different entirely? Called attempts to reclaim the uniquely Christian understanding of calling.