'Called' cover art unveiled

The Called cover art has been unveiled, and I could not be more thrilled.

ThinkPen Design has done an incredible job of capturing the tone of Called, in a subtle, beautiful way.

The famous Oxford spires framing the cover instantly brings me back to my memories of strolling through the Bodleian Library‘s old schools quad on my way to the Radcliffe Camera. The golden sky sets the classic look I was hoping for. And the whimsical typeface matches the book’s voice.

For the unfamiliar, Called is the humorous, heart-breaking, and honest account of my journey of learning what it means to be called, a journey that took me to oxford, England; C. S. Lewis’s house; and back again, and why it was only while sitting in the reality of my worst nightmare that I learned what it means to be called by the living God.

Called is due out February of 2015 with Leafwood Publishers, and is available now for pre-order.