3 Things to Know About "Called"

Called: My Journey to C. S. Lewis's House and Back Again will be out in less than a month. It's been a long journey, but the big day is nearly here.

Set in historic Oxford, England and the former home of C. S. Lewis, Called is a memoir on calling. It's an honest account of the exciting peaks and difficult valleys of mine and my wife's journey of leaving home, career, and community to pursue a calling.

It's also a wrestling with the question of what it even means to be called.

Here are three things to know about the book.

1. The book trailer was filmed at C. S. Lewis's home

This trailer was filmed when I was back in Oxford last autumn, filling in as interim director at the Kilns, C. S. Lewis's former home. I was thrilled to be able to shoot this in the city (and even at the house) where the book was set. I hope you like it.


2. The first chapter is free

The introduction and first chapter of Called are available as a free download, no-strings-attached. Check it out and see what you think. 


3. Get your hands on Called February 10

Called will be available online and at your local bookstores in less than a month, but you can pre-order it today and it will show up at your door just as soon as it's out.


We're getting close, friends. Thanks for your excitement. Thanks also for your help spreading the word.