The Big Day Is Here... I Think I'll Take My Girls For A Swim

Well, friends, the big day is finally here.

I've read what some of my favorite authors do on the day of their book's release. Donald Miller confesses to checking his book's Amazon ranking every seven minutes to see how it's doing. Anne Lamott talks about roaming her house anxiously waiting for friends to call and tell her what a remarkable book she's crafted.

For me, today feels like my birthday, Christmas morning, and the most nerve-wracking senior prom, all wrapped up in one.

Called: My Journey to C. S. Lewis's House and Back Again has been in the works for nearly five years now. It's been a long, hard road, friends. But the big day is finally here.

The boxes filled with the first printing of my book have arrived...

...the book launch party was a success, complete with a full English tea, plenty of tweed jackets, and a book signing (stay tuned for more photos from the celebration)...

...and I've been receiving photos from friends around the world sharing their copy of Called. Like this one, all the way from Oxford...

The big day is finally here, friends. We did it. Thanks for all your help spreading the word!

I hope to see you down the road for an upcoming talk or book reading, but for now, I think I'll do my best not to spend the day checking my book's Amazon ranking or waiting for friends to call.

Maybe I'll head to the pool and take my girls swimming. Yep, I think that's exactly what I'll do.